Meet Vickie Blate

Vickie Blate is the owner of On the Run Fitness & Pilates, a Lydiard-Certified coach, and a USA Track and Field Level 2 Coach.

About Vickie Blate

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Vickie grew up around the country in an active and competitive family who taught her to play all kinds of outdoor sports, from hackie sack to tennis. In school, Vickie ran cross country, played tennis, and joined the basketball team. Running became her favorite fitness activity as a child, and that love continued throughout her life.

Following high school, Vickie attended Florida International University, where she studied exercise physiology. Then, after college, she raised two children and continued to pursue her passion for running.

Vickie Blate

Mount Dora Pilates Coach & Personal Trainer

In 1992, Vickie began personal training in South Florida, which lead to her renting space in an existing gym and starting her own full-fledged personal training company. While she continued running, Vickie developed an interest in Pilates and began her Pilates coursework at Balance Body Pilates School. Once she completed the mat, reformer, Cadillac, and chair Pilates course modules, Vickie went on to attain her Balance Body Certification.

Mount Dora Running Trainer

As a runner and participant in many marathons, Vickie also became involved in the creation of the Mount Dora Half Marathon. She had previously learned of and started visiting Mount Dora while training for the Boston Marathon; she relied on the rolling hills to provide useful training for running through Boston, and after several weeks decided to map a full marathon course through Mount Dora.

Setting Roots in Mount Dora

Vickie moved to Mount Dora in 2006, inspired by her time training there and experiencing the history, culture, and hospitality of Lake County. Later that year, Vickie started a personal training and Pilates business in Mount Dora—On the Run Fitness & Pilates. She opened her own studio in 2007 in the Sunset Building in downtown Mount Dora.

Since Vickie’s studio was and still is the only Lake County Pilates studio with reformers, interest was high from existing Pilates clients as well as newcomers. In the coming years, as Mount Dora residents became more interested in Pilates as a fitness option, the studio expanded twice and eventually moved to its current location—the largest facility with ample parking—at 19051 US Highway 441, Studio 200, in Mount Dora.

To this day, Vickie continues to live in downtown Mount Dora. When she is not in the studio or on a run, she loves to cook, raise orchids, and enjoy red wine. She has two children and four grandchildren.