“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.”—Joseph Pilates

Before entering a class, each new client needs to complete two private Pilates lessons. We have a new client special of $50 off your first two private lessons—55 minutes each for $150. These initial lessons include instruction on how to use our equipment, stabilize your spine, and properly perform Pilates breathing techniques.

Once your first two sessions are complete, you can take your pick of group Pilates reformer classes or semi-private or private lessons.

pilates wheel

Semi-private classes are recommended for couples, families, or friends. Both semi-private and private classes use our reformer, Cadillac, ladder barrel, and Pilates chair equipment. These classes offer highly personalized custom training, and allow you to more accurately track your personal goals and progress.

Multi-level Pilates require each participant to be free of injury and cleared by instructors to participate. This is a challenging, fast-paced class taught by a certified Pilates instructor utilizing multiple pilates exercises. With our multi-level Pilates class, you will experience an entire body workout with special attention to your core. These classes cost less than private lessons and offer students a chance to meet other Pilates students.

pilates class

“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.”—Joseph Pilates

All classes use Pilates equipment, which can help deepen your practice and refine your form. No classes are taught on the floor—we are the only studio in the region to offer classes on reformers for all Pilates students. Grip socks are required for all classes, which are also available for sale at the studio. Studio policy requires 24 hour notice for cancellation of any class. Check out our complete studio policies and prices for more details.