Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates

Both pre- and post-birth pregnancy Pilates can provide a variety of health benefits to new mothers, including reduced pain and faster recovery time.

September 25th 2019

pregnant pilates

Pregnancy Pilates focus on stability and breathing, which can provide a stronger pelvic floor, prevent incontinence, improve balance, reduce pregnancy back pain, lead to a faster recovery (post-birth), and reduce stress. Also, Pilates pre- and post-birth will dramatically speed up your body’s return to its pre-pregnancy form.

“Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty to not only to attain it but to maintain it.”—Joseph Pilates

The principles of Pilates allow clients to connect their mind with their body through the execution of perfect form and movement Pilates exercises that create longer and leaner muscles. The principles are incorporated into every class through a quiet environment with minimal distractions (no mirrors or music) so you can focus on centering.

Joint stress and possible injury is of particular concern to pregnant women, whose ligaments are hyper-mobile while pregnant. Few exercises both lengthen and strengthen muscles besides swimming, and Pilates is the only exercise that does so with limited stress on your joints.

Lastly, post-birth pregnancy Pilates can improve your overall muscle strength and benefit new moms with new physical demands of raising a newborn.

Pregnancy Pilates in Mount Dora

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