6 Principles of Pilates

The 6 principles of Pilates allow us to connect our minds with our bodies through the execution of perfect form and movement Pilates exercises.

September 25th 2019


The 6 Principles of Pilates are:

  1. Control
  2. Centering
  3. Coordination
  4. Breath
  5. Flow
  6. Precision

These principles allow clients to connect their mind with their body through the execution of perfect form and movement Pilates exercises that create longer and leaner muscles. The exercises are coordinated with controlled breathing, using diaphragmatic breathing in particular.

“Lazy breathing converts the lungs, literally and figuratively speaking, into a cemetery for the deposition of diseased, dying, and dead germs.”—Joseph Pilates

Pilates can provide improved circulation, improved posture, and deeper breaths (cleaning organs). It can also limit aches and pains along the spine, including your neck and back. In fact, clients find themselves using Pilates principles—breathing in particular—throughout their daily lives.

Pilates makes everything else you do better, from sports and fitness to playing with the grandchildren. When practicing the principles of Pilates, your posture will improve, limiting muscular imbalances that can lead to injuries. The principles of Pilates are incorporated into every class we provide in a quiet environment with minimal distractions (no music or mirrors) so you can focus on centering.

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